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Query Letter: Love/Suspense. Master's Servant

A story about a young woman and a young man living in similar circumstances. Both are poor and battling to make ends meet. Michael, who has a timid nature, works around farming areas and finds work wherever he can. Michael often finds himself unemployed and walks distances to find work.

Joanne, having lived with her mother who has a drug addiction and is an alcoholic, decides to go and live with her grandmother. Joanne's grandmother lives in the area where Michael is looking for employment. Both traveling on foot to there destination, meet and get to know each other.

As time goes by, Joanne and Michael fall madly in love. Having found out that Joanne is pregnant and as Michael has lost his job, Michael convinces Joanne to terminate. To make up for his abrupt decision, Michael and Joanne wed. However, as they continue on their marital journey, years later the two bitterly go there separate ways.

Living alone with his dog in a farming shack, Michael has an encounter with his Guardian Angel. As Michael has become bitter, grumpy and has no time for people in general, his Guardian Angel with a forceful, persistent, interrupting and punishing manner brings Michael back to his senses. Michael is given a list of all the things he should perform towards other people. When his Guardian Angel is satisfied, he is forced to go and make up with his wife. However, making up is another encounter.