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Alanah's love logline

Title: Alanah's love

Logline: Alanah’s thirst for blood increases with each man she murders only looking for a one night stand.

Genre: Horror / Drama

Theme: Revenge / Death / Love / Female-Driven

The creation of Alanah’s love

This was an interesting script considering Alanah is a collage of different women I know personalities. So, I combined all of them into one woman, with a twist. Alanah believes wholeheartedly all men are the same, only viewing women for one thing. Of course, she acquired this attitude after she was raped by her father, uncle and their friends. To make things worse, her own mother supports what happened to her.

Trying to move on with her life, Alanah becomes a marriage counselor when she gets older. Her client Lloyd is starting to make her believe there might actually be some good men in the world. But until she sees otherwise, Alanah continues murdering men who view women as nothing more than sex toys.

Breakdown of the story

The story opens with Alanah in her room wearing a bondage outfit explaining how the voices in her head torment her. When she’s done explaining, she makes her way across the room to David, a man she has chained up against the wall. Alanah has a few words with him before cutting his manhood off, leaving him to bleed out.

The following day on the way to work, Alanah gives us more in-depth details on why she hates men, along with having flashbacks of when she was young and got raped by her father, uncle and their friends. Arriving at work, she has a brief session with her client Lloyd, who she’s secretly falling in-love with, but because of the incident as a child she refuses to let her emotions get the best of her.

Alanah continues her murderous spree because she feels men deserve to die if they’re only chasing after women for sex, but her inner conscious is troubling her with the emotions she has for Lloyd, slowly trying to break her down and accept she can find love.