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Skin privileges logline

Title: Skin privileges

Logline: Cai believes there is only one superior race, and he’s determined to prove it live.

Genre: Crime / Drama

Theme: Justice / Revenge

The creation of Skin privileges

I came up with the idea for the script while watching the ID channel. The episode was about a young woman who was raped, and it stood out to me. So, combining that with tragic incidents that happened in the world around that time along with some creativity, I came up with the story.

Breakdown of the story

The story revolves around Tyreka, the daughter of famous deli shop owner Howard. Tyreka gets brutally beaten and raped by her deacon Dwayne, and two officers named Norman and Stanton. The case ends up going cold because they had the support of the mayor to help cover up their crime. Months go by, and everything is back to normal, that is until Dwayne, Norman and the mayor Jeffery become abducted on the same night. The following day, a man who goes by the name of Cai walks into a metro Detroit police station taking it hostage strapped with a C-4 vest.

Stanton tries to defuse the situation, and that's when Cai tells him if they have a live video speaking about the difference between African-Americans and Caucasians, he'll inform him of where the three are being held hostage.