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logline, synopsis for completed screenplay "TIME TREK: the 25th century's answer to Star Trek"

TIME TREK: the 25th century's answer to Star Trek (science-fiction story)

You've heard of Star Trek. Now meet another piece of science fiction of truly epic proportions: "Time Trek".

Jesse and John
The story starts with Jesse trying to fit into society, but always failing – both during his high-school years and for many years afterwards. He has an intense interest in reading and thinking about science. John, a scientist he corresponds with, reads a paper published by Einstein in 1919 titled “Do gravitational fields play an essential role in the structure of elementary particles?” After years of patient experiments, John develops a brain implant that allows people to manipulate matter. Jesse proposes that implants would no longer require surgical implantation but simply downloading and installation like a program on the Internet because of the pre-existing digital nature of all parts of the universe.

Jesse as Jesus / John as the Baptist
Now that Jesse has his matter-manipulating implant, he starts experiments which are designed to put his theories on the nature of time to practical use by building the world's first time machine. The machine goes one step beyond Jesse's theory enabling intergalactic travel in an instant (instead of the particles obeying Quantum Mechanics and being in seemingly separate galaxies simultaneously, different periods of time exist simultaneously and SEEM to constitute a multiverse or collection of universes). Jesse and John start fooling around with the idea of actually becoming Jesus and John the Baptist. Because they possess a time machine and a matter-manipulating band-gap brain implant capable of performing “miracles”, their fooling gets the better of them and they head off to Palestine of 2,000 years ago. Their ship (which looks like a bright star in the sky) breaks in two as they come in for a landing. Jesse used the implant to make him and John into young men but the process didn't stop when planned. It simply kept on going until Jesse was an embryo, and his matter-changing implant impregnated him in a uterus. Months later, Jesse is born to a couple named Mary and Joseph. Before he forgets everything concerning his previous existence, Jesse wonders if John got born somewhere nearby (either nearby in a spatial sense, or in time). He concludes that he did because "... Mary was saying her cousin Elizabeth had a son 6 months ago and named him John." As we all know, John really did lose his head and when Jesus supposedly ascended to heaven after his resurrection, Jesse (having painstakingly and gradually regained his memories) actually returned to the 21st century without the aid of his time machine.

Jesse, the Universe’s Creator
After a while, Jesse had the most incredible idea. First, he flew to the 41st century and downloaded his mind into a nonphysical backup because any physical body was too frail for the rigors that lay ahead. Then he journeyed 14 billion years into the past and launched his project from another section of the multiverse (from a different member of the collection of universes), where space and time already existed. Using the power of his implant-augmented mind, he mentally simulated electronics and holograms to create this particular universe's Big Bang (along with our space-time). Falling into a reflective mood, Jesse thought of the physicist Stephen Hawking and said: "There you are, Stephen. Forget quantum fluctuation and all those other laws of physics. This is how something came from nothing, and why there is something rather than nothing. It's all a result of me and my vivid imagination!" He thought of himself as the Son of Man and wondered why humans took so many thousands of years to realize their awesome potential. He also thought of himself as the Son of God because cosmic unification meant that an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Artificial Intelligence called God must exist, and it meant humanity must be united with that God.