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"Criminal" Justice

In February, 2016, a 66 year-old Vietnam-Era veteran engaged in an 10-hour armed standoff with a Standoff with a Savannah Police SWAT team. After gunfire, tear gas and destruction of two police robots, the vet surrendered to the Chief Negotiator/SWAT team commander. Miraculously, no one had been injured and the SWAT team commander became an advocate for the vet. While both the SWAT team and the ADA recommended leniency, the DA thought differently, indicating the vet. The SWAT team commander was not even invited to testify before the grand jury. A month later, the SWAT team commander was dead, an apparent "suicide." Six years later, the vet is released from prison and begins asking questions. Six weeks later, the vet is hit by a car. Coincidence?

The story is true. I should know; it is my story...

Re: "Criminal" Justice

Wow that was intense, and it's a true story to. So I don't think he killed himself is my first thought but I would definitely want to read this

Re: "Criminal" Justice

Thank you. The screenplay is not written yet. Even though I have written scripts, I feel I am too close to the story to do it justice. So, I am looking for an experienced screenwriter to collaborate.

By the way, I engaged in "hand-to-hand combat" with the second police robot, which was armed with a shotgun shell to blow my head off, as well as a light explosive charge for cover-up. It'd all in the trial transcript, though they claim the explosive was to breach my apartment door.