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Entrappted Love

A young woman in love with an older man who happens to not only be wealthy but her dad's new best friend,she grows up a mature and intelligent young woman,gaining the attention of her crush, the sex is explosive and dominating (BDSM,GROUP SEX) Things are extremely exciting until old flames threaten to come between the two. To top it off hidden secrets resurfaces and the past returns with hidden intentions, causing friction in a once happy home. The tension is mounting, but will sex be a big enough distraction to block out the truth, or will it cause them to drift. Will a broken hearted lover be able to move on or will getting rid of the problem be a better outcome. (Lost,love,lies) Love may not be enough to save them from the pain that surrounds them, (death,deception,determination) an obsession is a disease,and if no one notices it how will it be stopped? Hate is a powerful emotion. If it's masked into loving smiles and a calm demeanor, how will you know to be cautious?

This is only the first book part 2 is in the works