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A Past To Conquer A Love's Survival

Part 2 Entrapped Love- A Past To Conquer A Love's Survival

After a horrible few months a family tries to rebuild the trust, but nothing is ever as easy as it should be. Danger is still in play, but it's worse because it's so close and no one notices a thing, grief is causing blindspots and new members will either be helpful or only cause more friction amoung the group,
("do you ever get the feeling your being watched?)

A touch here and a small kiss on your neck, causing warmth in your body, the trail of a tougue circling on your neck,and a hand touching your body,squeezing and molding you.Then the hand travels downward to that sweet spot

Waking up from an erotic dream is one thing, but what do you do when it felt like someone was just touching you,but your alone? or was I?

And you get that feeling again and again,you know something is not right, but Whispers from another makes people doubt your judgment now, can you trust the one you hold close? Can you trust the one you call friend? Even when a lie is uncovered and you see the truth, was it all set up that way? So you can't trust them...
What will happen when your love is gone but then returns? What will happen if you shut everything and everyone you love out? Will that lover be something you have to conquer or your survival

More to come part 3 in the works... still on this one