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Murder - Mystery


by R.C. Westerholm

Tango Murderoso explores the machinations of the human mind. Conspiracy, greed and brutality clash against love, loyalty and compassion. This is a story about the irreversible attraction of dangerous opposites, the tenuous thread between good and evil, how closely they are related, and the resulting chaos from an inability to change.

Tango Murderoso deals with James H. McGrath, a police detective interested in murder and six million dollars in stolen drug money. He is investigating Cassandra Coronado, beautiful but eccentric owner of the 90 year old White Rose Club, frequented by her aged and bizarre South American emigré friends. She is dedicated to looking out for her patrons, even though they live in a fantasy world revolving around her and the treacherous tango. But where did Cassandra get the big money needed to buy the whole building?

Rough edged McGrath courts Cassandra as he searches for clues to the killing of small time gangster Condy Carlyle, who ripped off drug cartel money from a courier and someone shot him. But who? And why was Cassandra naked in his apartment that night? Condy hid the six million cash before he died and Detective McGrath thinks he can find it. Is Cassandra the key to the prize and the murder?

Everyone seems to be hiding a dark secret, including the once elegant, now decrepit old White Rose building itself, which becomes the tertiary character of the story. The passion of Latin dance is the driving motivation for the faded lives of old Prince Mikhail, who is a steadfast mentor to Cassandra, keeps a file on everyone but has no history himself, and is said to carry a small pistol. Dance Queen Mirabel, rescued Cassandra from a desolate childhood, yet lives herself within a sorrowful recollection of memories. Pablo de Larosa, sees everything as abstractions of art, even murder. Estrella Mendoza, uses alcohol to forget a murky past indiscretion.

Condy's henchman, Willie Carravetta begins sniffing around like a wolf catching a scent and McGrath has to call in all his favors to keep his surreptitious investigation going.

Detective McGrath's goal is to find the gun that killed Condy, but does falling in love with Cassandra complicate his course of action? What exactly is his prize? Is Cassandra falling for him too while ignoring warnings from her cadre of trusted friends, and even denying her own inner protector which she has always invoked in times of need. Is the stunning woman known as la Pequeña simply a too clever killer?

It remains to be seen if the tango will rule their heads or their hearts.

Jimmy McGrath is a cop willing to step over the edge to get the big score. Cassandra has already crossed the line between truth and dare.

The rules of convergence apply.

Tango Murderoso is, like the tango, sexy, stimulating, and treacherous.

RC Westerholm
#213 - 2346 McAllister Ave. Port Coquitlam, BC Canada V3C 2B1
604 838-4907