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Dead Metal

Hi, I'm a Canadian neurodivergent indigenous filmmaker and I was wondering if you could help me with getting a film financed. I have a pretty cool zombie movie to make, and it will cost about 25 million to make it properly.
Once it does well at the box office….. And you and I both know it will, it's a zombie movie, after all, we can make the sequel for another 25, and the third instalment for an additional 25.

Mind you if you want to fund all three at once, they will cost about 50 million to make back to back. but based on my demographic analysis, and the current economic and political climate, each one stands to make 100 million at the box office, So I could more than triple the investment. The target market is the same people who enjoy things like star wars and dawn of the dead, and we know there's a lot of them. I've already lined up the talent, the locations, even a producer who lives near the location. On top of all that, I have this plan to hire as many women on the crew as possible, to make sure they have better than equal opportunity. If you would be able to help me, or have any connections you think would like to help me, please let me know. Gabriel Simon ketrovin@gmail.com