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Historical Fiction A World War 2 British flying ace is involved in a murder coverup. Captain ERIC BECK was decorated for his outstanding performance during the Battle of Britain. He comes from a prominent family who is well connected with Britain's aristocracy.
The dark side of CAPTAIN BECK is that goes to the red light district of London in the Soho area and murders prositutes. He is caught by Scottland Yard. Knowning who this man is and realizing this is a delicate situation Scoctland Yard hands it over to the Defense Secretary. The Defense Secretary wants to avoid a huge scandal he summons two men whose speciality is to handle high profile people and miltary officers. The Defense Secreatary is the only one who knows these men he refers to them as the "FIXERS" The men present a plan to the Defense Secretary a perfect coverup. They have a contact in Germany kind of a double agent. They tell their contact the government wants to get rid of this bad apple an let the Gestopo handle it. The contact informs the Gestopo that a British spy is going to parachute in this area. The contact tells them that this man who heads the Gestopo in that area is ruthless he takes no prisoners. The story that we tell his superiors that CAPTAIN BECK was recurited on a classify mission and was killed. He gave up his life for queen and country. The plan backfires. He is caught by the Luftwaffe {Germen Air Force} and put in a prison camp for air force servicemen. He escapes from the prison camp. The only city that is familar with is Hamburg. Where he spent sometime there before the war. He plays the perfect of role of a professor of literrature at the University of Hamburg. He goes by the name of WILHELM KEMP. Then his dark side begins in the red district of Hamburg.