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Historical Fiction A American jewel thief ends up in 1900 China to steal a valuable artifact. BRANDON POOLE escapes from the police in the French Riviera. He ends up on a freighter heading for Hong Kong. BRANDON meets up with a colleague who tells him about a small articact of a pheasant that is made from red jade. It is very rare and priceless. It is in the possession of a Russian countess she is a widow and lives with her young daughter in Peking. BRANDON heads for Peking. Stealing the red pheasant is put on hold. BRANDON falls in love with the countess. The historical event that takes place in China is the Boxer Uprising. The Boxers were Chinese rebels whose mission was to drive out and kill foreigners that were living in China. The Boxers descend on Peking. BRANDON has to figure out a plan to get himself the countess and her daughter out of Peking. A matter of survival.