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Being Human

Genre: sci-if
Being Human

Being Human is a Science Fiction and Love story about a Liam and Anna both brilliant but lonely scientists who after falling in love find themselves on the first human colony in Earth’s orbit. Unexpectedly the colony is forced to flee Earth and hide deep in the Solar System where they not only survived but thrived. Colony politics suspicion begin to portray Liam and Anna as threat and eventually they’re forced apart by time. Anna coming to the end of her life pays a high price to reunite with Liam who’s been locked in hibernation. But Liam struggles to see Anna within the perfect humanoid replica of her younger self that was implanted with her brain. Feeling worthless Liam volunteers to return to Earth to deliver technology that may save it from total climatic collapse. When Liam and Anna arrive on Earth he begins to see fragments of Anna emerge. Anna shows her humanoid skills when they find themselves pitted against a ruthless Fossil Fuel Tycoon for whom they have to survive kidnapping and torturer. But when they finally reunite they’re faced with great sacrifice and loss. Something Anna and Liam are not able to avoid.

Re: Being Human

Is there a sequel to this?

Re: Being Human

Yes, in development.