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Historical In the late 19th century Chicago's First Ward was run by crooked politicans who ran the the most crime ridden area of Chicago it was the famous Levee district. Vice was the main buisness in that area and it never took a rest. Charlie Smith was a dectective in that area and with two other dectectives they were the only ones that were not on the take. Charlie wanted to bring the Levee district down. Most of the vice operators knew him. His plan was to set a trap by using different disguises. A cattleman from Texas a rich playboy a famous baseball player and a duke from a foregin country this was his way into the famous brothel the Everleigh Club. Once he knew who was in there he switch roles. To avoid a public scandal he played the role of a reporter working for a fake newspaper called The Crusader. This worked the best to keep the high profile customers out of there. Charlie threaten these important men if they ever come here again or any other brothel in the city they will by on the first page of his newspaper. The different disguises that Charlie used baffled the Everleigh sisters they wanted to know who is responsible for keeping their good customers out. Charlie Smith vice fighter and crusader.