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HIstoricl fiction a mild horror story with ghosts. Instead of a haunted house this is about a haunted movie studio that is located on the northside of Chicago called that ESSANAY MOVIE STUDIO that produce silent movies before Hollywood some famous actors began their movie careers there. Steve Beckwirth lives across a street from the studio a college conducts day classes by 4:00pm the building is closed. The only one left there is the night security guard. It happen one night around midnight he was coming from his girlfriends house Steve heard a pipe organ playing inside the studio. Some kind of invisible force was guiding him across the street. He looked around the street lamps were different the street was made of cobblestone. The lights were on in the building he could hear someone yelling Where's Chaplin? A taxi pulls up in front of the building Steve sees the name of the taxi automoblie it said Packard on the front. The driver tells the passenger 25 cents. The passanger gets out he is a short man twirling his cane tips his derby says hello to Steve. The security guard opens the door for the man and said good evening to him. Steve went up to the security guard your not the sameone whose here every night. The security guard informs him that he has been here since the stuido open up. Steve could remember reading the plaque in front of the building that it opened up in 1907. Steve asked the security guard who that man was? The security guard told him it was Charlie Chaplin he is the main star of this studio. Steve shook his head and ran across the street. Everthing looked back to normal. Before he went inside his building Steve looked across the street the building was dark except the light that was shinning above the entrance. Alot of things were turning inside Steve's mind he was looking for any kind of excuse what just happened. Was it his girlfriends cooking that gave him this bad nightmare. He wasn't drunk he only one glass of wine? Maybe the college was filming some kind of movie?