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“The spoiled heir to the world's largest banking firm tries to prove himself as a banker, using his money with often chaotic consequences.”

The series follows the comedic escapades of our main character James Rockerburg the 3rd jr, and his co-workers as he chooses a new crazy passion to invest in each episode.
As he pours the bank's money and his often misguided passion into each project, unexpected turns and unforeseen consequences always follow before ultimately coming to a conclusion, leaving the world a slightly better place than it was. The pilot opens with James accidentally creating a drug empire when tricked by a Local "pharmacist".

This series is procedural however there is an underlying story and nemesis moving in the background, always at odds with the final results of our characters' actions.
A shady group of unknowns including the main character's Father share an animosity towards the better world our characters are accidentally creating and will soon have no choice but to intervene. They must stop James from reaching his hidden destiny that only they know.