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HISTORICAL BASEBALL The story is about TY COBB as a ballplayer. The most famous and first in the Hall of Fame TY COB was no peach of a person. The person you love to hate. His attitude was him against the whole baseball world and showed it through his fierce competitiveness and off the field he wasn't any better especially fighting in public places. He was the first ball player to cause a player strike. COBB was suspendend for jumping in the stands beating on a fan who was heckling him after COBB warned him to stop. It was the first time his teammates who also hated him rallyied behind him and refuse to play until COBB was reinstated. The owner pleaded with the president of the American League that he needed his team back. COBB was reinstated and the owner got his team back. TY COBB went through some terrible hazing by his teamates nailing his spikes to the ground breaking his baseball bats nailing his hotel door shut. COBB had tie bed sheets to climb out his hotel window. Instead of beating on his teammates COBB took the grudge on the field and sometimes won the game on his own. The manager let the hazing go for awhile just to see if COBB had guts. You couldn't break COBB to quit the team. The manager was convince COBB had guts. If it was a players fault to lose a game COBB was going to get you amd wasn't a lecture or a pat on the on back and tell you it was OK. and was a warning if this happens again your days on this team or playing baseball will be over.