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The US 65th Infantry Regiment

The brilliant attorney, Juan Davila faces all the odds against the US court-martials in Washington DC during the Korean War conflict. He struggles with prejudice, sabotage and political gaming before he is triumphant of freeing the men of all accusations. We follow Lt. Palmieri, his family, and two divided nations from imprisonment to court-martial to ultimate redemption. Lieutenant Palmieri goes back home to Puerto Rico to face humiliation from disconsolate islanders and his father-in-law. He is forced to go live at an old beach house his wife’s family owns. He faces emotional and psychological anguish at the beach house that leads to isolation from his wife and son.
Juan Davila’s father, DON CARLOS, tries to influence Juan Davila to reject the case. However, following pressure from Governor Munoz Marin, Juan Davila has a personal epiphany and realizes his mission to restore the pride of the Puerto Rican people is far greater than his self interests. The Washington D.C. military in the form of GENERAL MASON, GENERAL COX and GENERAL PITTS, conspires to hide truths that would humiliate the United States Army about their own battlefield decisions that lead to so many casualties. SENATOR GILLARD, DON DIEGO'S (CORTES' FATHER-IN-LAW) friend works within the system to get documents that will support Juan Davila’s case. He also sits in on the congressional appeals, which are presented by the Army Secretary. After a see-saw trial, Juan Davila wins the case at the end.