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Log line ANTON ROBERTO is asked by the CIA to go back to Cuba and spy for them. ANTON was studying medicine when Castro took over Cuba in 1959. ANTON his mother and brother were able to exile to the U.S.. However his father who is a doctor was left behind. ANTON works in a new New York night club he does odd jobs hoping to save money for medical school. When the band is rehearsing he sings the songs while he is working.The night club hasn't found anyone who could work for them full time. Until the one day the owner heard ANTON sing liked what he heard and made ANTON their top performer. A CIA agent came one night with his wife to heard ANTON perform. The agent went to the director and told him how we can solve the problem not having a enough spies in Cuba. The agent told the dirctor about ANTON the perfect cover he will go to Cuba as night club singer. His alias name will be FERNADO LOPEZ.The agent gets in contact
with Carlos and helps ANTON get into Cuba. He gets him a job in a night club in Havana. Anton becomes a poular singer and is well known in Castro's inner circle. Then one night the club was closed to the public for Castro's entourage. Castro liked him so much ANTON performed all night long. Castro had Anton perform all over Cuba private and public places and Castro's private parties especially when he wanted to impress the Russians. Castro took ANTON in as a good friend. Does ANTON quits spying for the U.S. and spies for Castro?