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Days in the life of a runaway

my stories range from the age of twelve to thirty, I am an ex-street girl who began in the life as a virgin prostitute, my stories are not long however shed light on the lifestyle as well as the supposed lifestyles of the average street girl in the eighties turned kept young woman in the nineties, I do not write because I' m bored or have nothing else to do, I write because my soul is suppressed, as I see on you tube introduction to the interludes of street walkers and their opening up about their lives, I see it important to introduce one life that was not so common and a recipient who strongly appreciated the being sought after as a novelty, my stories do not glorify the street life but do make statement for narrating of having a higher power to pay homage too during the struggle of making the decision to change my life, the fact of the matter is that underground street traffic is a united world issue as well as a problem for every angle of social existence and that the world today relishes the outlook of the street hustlers opinion rather it be from music or reputation. As a person who has changed her life it is my hope to create space and time for reflection too the now street person who may be walking a path of utter destruction if balance is not made of the reality.