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"Captain Genius and Secrets of the Pyramids". Sci-Fi/Family novel/script

"Captain Genius and Secrets of the Pyramids".
A novel looking för adaptation to the screen.

Nabeil El Leisy
Email : n_elleisy@hotmail.com

Logline: A genius boy, discovers a great source of power, from inside the pyramids, enough to light the whole world.

Synopsis: Eric Relham, genius twelve years old boy, lives with his parents in an imaginary country called The Habitan Kingdom.

One day, while at school, the science teacher speaks about the Pyramid Shape Phenomenon. This phenomenon claims that if we put some fresh fruit and rusty razor blades inside the pyramid and leave them for several days, the fresh fruit will still be fresh and the blades will become sharp again.

Eric is interested in this phenomenon and decides to build a small pyramid inside the garden of his big house, in order to experiment with it himself and to try to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Intrigued, his parents give the go ahead and his teacher helps him with the schematics.
Everyone at his school is interested and they want to participate. The pyramid is built and the experiment is carried out successfully.

Eric is able explains this phenomenon logically and can even prove it scientifically. He assumes that cosmic rays are the energy centralized in the pyramid's center and that they are responsible for this phenomenon.

Only by coincidence, Eric manages to discover a catalyst that doubles the amount and strength of the cosmic rays in the center of the pyramid. Through experimentation, he is able to develop the phenomenon enough to be able to light his whole house with the energy.

A prominent energy expert adopts Eric's interesting project. Eventually, Eric is able to light his whole city of Minita using this power. King Alexander is impressed with this exciting discovery. He asks Eric to try and light the whole kingdom. Eric accepts the challenge and works hard at it.
Finally, he succeeds. The world finds out and many people come from all over to The Habitan Kingdom, in order to buy this new source of energy. However, the King decides to monopolize the energy source and he keeps the secret to himself, thereby creating a lot of danger and trouble.

Eric decides to visit Egypt to be near King Khufu's Pyramid. He carries out a small experiment and reaches exciting conclusions. He even climbs up to the top of the Pyramid to announce to the world that he can generate enough energy from inside the Great Pyramid to light the whole world.
And, indeed, can he succeed?

Re: "Captain Genius and Secrets of the Pyramids". Sci-Fi/Family novel/script

"Captain Genius and Secrets of the Pyramids". Sci-Fi/Family novel/script

My new Email: nabeelel30@gmail.com

Nabeil El Leisy