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Romantic Space Advanture

Greetings Production team!

I'm from Scottsdale, Arizona and I'm staying in Delaware. I would like to meet you and discuss the possibility of our making a Blockbuster film together?

I have just finished a unique screenplay called INTERLUDE ON EARTH that I would like to submit for your consideration.

Genre: Planetary Romance/Drama/Comedy, Full-Length Film

Logline: On Planet Venus in the capitol city of Shamballah, Earth year 1929, the Galactic Federation Council meeting is in session. For over a million years, the Federation has aided and monitored the Human evolution on Earth. The council is discussing the importance of a Mission to Earth to stabilize the electromagnetic Leyline system. A Mission of importance for Earth, the necessity for placing an electromagnetic device near the fictional town in Bayswater, Connecticut to stabilize the Earth's harmonic grid system.

Two members of the Ashtar Space Command, Zantron and Klantu are chosen for the "Mission." They will have a four-week stay on Earth. Zantron and Klantu, find themselves in perilous, and humorous situations that require the use of their "Superhuman Powers." Zantron meets a young Earth woman Elizabeth, and fall's deeply in love and more humorous and perilous situations occur. With the successful installation of the device, Elizabeth chooses to leave with the two Extraterrestrials.

Earth year is 1959. The electromagnet device installed in Bayswater 30 years earlier is interfering with the Air Force's new radar system. Zantron and Klantu with Elizabeth who haven't aged a day, volunteer for the Mission to replace the stabilizer. An Air Force Colonel investigates a rash of UFO sightings and thinks they're connected to interference detected by their radar. Manu challenging and funny situations occur. With installation complete, they contact Elizabeth's parents who are now old and residing in a retirement home. The woman in charge of the retirement home recognizes Elizabeth from old newspaper clippings, eavesdrops on their conversation about leaving in the spacecraft. She immediately contacts her nephew in the Air Force, who informs the Colonel, and more situations occur. Next evening Elizabeth's parents are waiting at the specified contact point. National Guard, police, and Air Force personnel rush in to halt the lift-off.

After a spectacular lift-off, they are enjoying the spaceships' rejuvenation chamber and emerge in a glorious youthful state. The commander dramatically announces his proclamation of planet Earth, with golden spaceships surrounding Earth. Dramatic music plays and credits roll.

The Pitch Deck and full-length screenplay of INTERLUDE ON EARTH script are available upon request. WGA Reg.: 2178317

With over 25-years' experience as a keynote speaker at conferences, lectures, seminars, and as a radio and television talk show host and guest, my knowledge is vast. I'm an author of "Prepare For The Landings", producer and director of documentaries on the cutting-edge topic of UFO's, Extraterrestrial Contactee with the Galactic Federation, and a graduate of Hollywood Film Production School where I studied Production and Direction. I'm looking for a great Producer/Director and team to make this Blockbuster happen!

Thank you, Aurora Light aka Aurora Ellegion
480-888-6548, mailto:phoenixvortex336@gmail.com
https://vortexnetworknews.com, https://interludeonearth.com