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Whiskey Sour

It is a drama, mystery story of a middle-aged African American Sheriff in rural N.C.

Log line: Sheriff Price, an overbearing lawman in a southern county, finds he is haunted by an old case from when he served as an FBI profiler. The serial killer he thought long dead, is back and this time it’s personal.

Synopsis: Sheriff Price is an African American middle-aged man that is embarking on a second career after serving in the Kansas City Region FBI. His FBI career ended 10 years earlier after he levied allegations that his partner, Terry Sanders was corrupt. Terry was cleared of these allegations.
Sheriff Price returns to his home in rural North Carolina, where he became sheriff of Jones County. He is a heavy-handed sheriff that doesn’t mind pushing his weight around but is fair and operates within the guidelines of the law. He is a family man with a loving wife, Alicia, a teen-aged daughter, Monica, and an 8-year old son, Jordan.
Bear City Detectives Ortega, a young attractive Latina woman, and Munson a White man in his late thirties examine the body of a young woman dumped in a wooded area. Det. Ortega realizes that this woman has the earmarks of victims of murders committed years earlier in Kansas City. A case that was closed by none other than their county sheriff. The detectives enlist the help of Sheriff Price with the case, with the premise that this may be a copycat murderer. After examining the body, Sheriff Price believes that this may be more than just a copycat, it may be the original killer. The problem was that a suspect was arrested 10 years earlier of the crime and killed in prison.
The story is taken back to 10 years earlier, Agent Price and Sanders are investigating the latest victim of a killer-rapist, dubbed the KC rapist. The Agents have discovered that all the victims are young sexually active, attractive women, of many races, that may enjoy kinky sex. They catch a break, following a lead that may link two of the victims. The agents arrest two sexual deviants, a man, and woman that have been imprisoning, sexually assaulting, and killing women. The KC rapist case is closed as evidence discovered at the couples’ residence links them. Agent Price isn’t so sure, not only do the couple not match up with the profile he has developed, he has reason to believe the evidence was planted.
Agent Sanders and Price’s, relationship goes back to long before the FBI when then Michael Price was a youngster and Terry Sanders was a teenager, the best friend of Michael’s older brother James. James commits suicide, not coming to grips with being gay. Afterward, Terry and Michael became like brothers, which made Agent Price’s discovery that Terry was corrupt, life-altering. Agent Price discovers that Terry had planted evidence to frame Rodney Johnson, a quite handsome, ex-marine bartender of being a drug dealer.
Sheriff Price discovers that Terry Sanders had also left the FBI and has taken up residency in his county. The coincidence of Terry being nearby and the murders reoccurring merits the Sheriff investigating Terry, he doesn’t believe Terry to be a killer. After speaking with Terry, Sheriff Price is convinced that Terry has knowledge of the killer and plans to launch a search warrant of his home. Before he is able to exercise the warrant Terry is killed and staged to appear to be a suicide.
The clock is ticking as Sheriff Price believes, it is only a matter of time before there are more victims. After knowledge that a promising suspect has been dead for years, Sheriff Price and the detectives find they are back to square one. Finally, Sheriff Price is able to deduct that the killer is none other than, Rodney Johnson. He was the secret bio-sexual lover of Terry. Terry, discovering he was the killer, years earlier, framed him as a drug dealer, instead of turning him in as a rapist-killer, which don’t fare well in prison. Released from prison Rodney was continuing his killing spree.
Sheriff Price and Detective Munson are able to track down Rodney at the home of Detective Ortega but they are too late, as the attended victim turns the table on the killer. Rodney makes a full confession to Sheriff Price as he dies.