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One Last Breath

Tyler was having a tough life outside of the home. He didn’t have much of a social life, but a few friends. He was unsociable by nature and liked to keep himself to himself. He had been bullied quite a lot in school but Tyler (whilst bothered) remained mostly unaffected physically. Tyler’s brother Vinny, decides to confront the group. Vinny receives an anonymous phone call, provoking him into leaving the house. Vinny returns home find his brothers lifeless body strapped to a chair, at the bottom of their house pool.

After a shocking verdict at their trial, Vinny decides to head to Lanzarote for a few full on days of fags, booze and women, you know, to clear his head. On a walk to local beach, Playa Chica, he discovers a SCUBA Diving Centre. Curiosity got the better of him so he gave it a try and fell in love with it, for all the reasons one would think, and more. This, was the most likely way he could enact his revenge, that is, kill his brother’s killers in the same way and most likely get away with it.

When he returns, in preparation for his plan, he rents a unit. One in which he can kit out appropriately for his plan of action. The biggest challenge he will face is tracking the bullies down again, and planning how to get them alone to strike. Never one to lose hope, Vinny uses every possible resource he can get his hands on, he manages to track the bullies down and brings them to his rental unit. He starts taking them out one by one. Unbeknown to him, he has a policeman’s child with him. They manage to locate the unit, but do they manage to get there in time? Or will it be too late? For them? For him?