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Picking Up Jesus

LOGLINE: A self-destructive rideshare driver with a haunted past unknowingly picks up Jesus.

As a rideshare driver, I received an alert to PICK UP JESUS. At first, I chuckled. His name was probably pronounced hay-SOOS (the screen does not produce the little accent above the “U”). Then it hit me: this would make a great premise for a movie.

A couple of months later, I completed the dramedy, PICKING UP JESUS. The end result was better than I imagined. I feel that it will appeal to everybody, regardless of faith or spirituality - including atheists. All ages, gender, sexual orientation, and race will enjoy the story. It is a message that needs to be told and shared in today’s divided world. It is purposely a SECULAR movie, featuring some rough language - none by Jesus - and a message.

The story centers on a young man named Scott who is self-destructive and harboring a dark secret. Scott goes out of his way to antagonize people, silently pleading to get physically harmed. Scott spends some evenings doing stand-up (subject: religion) at the open mic nights at a local comedy bar. During the day, Scott is a rideshare driver, giving rides to people from all walks of life.

One day, Scott receives an alert to Pick Up Jesus. Not a practicing Christian, Scott chuckles at the likelihood of picking up the Jesus. Upon arriving at the designated pick-up area, Scott greets Jesús (hay-SOOS), who just smiles at the mention of the name.

No matter what Scott does, Jesus is on his docket for pick-up every day. Slowly but surely, a relationship begins to form as Jesus befriends Scott and helps him confront the dark secret he hides within.