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When Breaks The Maelstrom

When Breaks the Maelstrom is a buffet of multinational short stories that tend to mask genre lines. The stories defy convention in that they are fantastical and are interludes into the lives of men, women, and otherworldly beings. Some events cannot be explained, except we accept the supernatural. When we can break through the natural world's barrier, it is then that we can see other possibilities. We can suggest that myths, phenomenons, and legends may be familiar with reality. When Breaks the Maelstrom begins an excursion into some situation that we all may have faced at one time or another. You're invited to share many characters, such as Bounty Huntress, Japanese Style, The Legend of Masami Ko, Unnameable, and Moon Trouble. Visit the many places and regions that help shape When Breaks the Maelstrom.