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Odd One Out - Town Thriller 30mins by Christopher Genius

Logline: A lone black man of great character and amazing person to person communication skills,
that moves to a town of prodominantly white Folk.
The people individualy grow to love and depend on this man in every way possible, without letting the other white folk in the town know that they are good friends with this man, its a secret, eventually after many interactions and much assistance to the white folk in the town, such as giving the relationship advice, helping them fix things, sharing his vast general knowlege with the towns folk. who call him by phone, in secret, the towns white folk are confronted by the corupt & racist town Mayor John, who decides for himself to call a town meeting to discuss ejecting the lone black man who is known by the name Leroy .

The mayor, on the other hand, was getting more and more desperate. He knew that he was losing support, and he had to do something drastic to maintain his hold on the town. He decided to hold another town meeting, this time with a clear objective - to eject Leroy from the town.
The day of the town meeting arrived, and the tension in the air was palpable. The mayor started the meeting by making a speech about how Leroy was a troublemaker and a danger to the town. He urged the people to vote for Leroy's ejection.

Leroy sat calmly in the back of the room, surrounded by his white friends. He knew that this was going to be a tough battle, but he was prepared to fight for what he believed in. As the vote was called, Leroy braced himself for the worst. But to his surprise, the people in the room were silent.
The mayor was confused. He had expected a unanimous vote against Leroy. He started to shout, urging people to vote against Leroy. But the people in the room remained silent.

Finally, one of the townsfolk stood up and spoke. He said that he had known Leroy for a long time and that Leroy had always been a man of great character.He said that he couldn't vote against someone who had helped him and his family in their time of need.
Another person stood up and spoke, then another. The silence had broken, and the people in the room began to speak out in support of Leroy. They talked about how he had helped them, how he had been a true friend, and how he had always been there when they needed him.

The mayor was getting more and more agitated as the rebellion grew. He started to shout and pound the table, but it was too late. The people had made up their minds. They weren't going to let the mayor chase Leroy out of the town.
In a final act of desperation, the mayor stood up and declared that he was going to take matters into his own hands. He said that he was going to force Leroy out of the town, one way or another. He stormed out of the room, followed by a few of his supporters.
Leroy knew that this wasn't over. He knew that

: The Showdown
The tension in the town had been building for weeks. Leroy had made many friends and allies among the townsfolk, and they were tired of the mayor's racism and bullying.
The mayor's supporters were becoming increasingly aggressive, and there were rumours that they were planning to start a riot.
Leroy knew that the situation was coming to a head. He had been preparing for this moment for a long time, gathering information and building alliances. He had met with the police chief, the fire chief, and other key leaders in the town, and they had pledged their support.

The day of the showdown arrived. The mayor had called an emergency town meeting to discuss Leroy's fate. The meeting was held in the town square, and a large crowd had gathered.
The mayor stood on a platform, flanked by his supporters. Leroy stood at the back of the crowd, surrounded by his friends and supporters.

The mayor began the meeting by making a long speech about the dangers of outsiders and the need to preserve the town's way of life.
He accused Leroy of stirring up trouble and causing divisions in the town. He called for a vote on whether Leroy should be ejected from the town.

The mayor's supporters raised their hands in unison, shouting their approval. Leroy was shocked to see that there were so many of them.
But then something unexpected happened. The other townsfolk, who had been keeping their support for Leroy a secret, also raised their hands. The mayor was taken aback. He had expected to win the vote easily, but now he realised that he was outnumbered.
The mayor became angry and started shouting at the crowd. He accused Leroy's supporters of being traitors and threatened them with violence. The situation was becoming dangerous, and Leroy knew that he needed to act quickly.
He stepped forward and addressed the crowd. He spoke about the need for unity and the dangers of racism. He reminded the people of the town's history and the struggles they had faced in the past. He called on them to stand together against the mayor and his supporters.
The people of the town began to murmur -