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Horror superhero sceenplay

my name is Jim Banks the editor of Leviathan comics. I have been publishing comics since 1996 and at this moment I have a graphic novel called Doctor leviathan that I have developed into a screenplay. Imagine Batman meets the X-files and this is my screenplay. This is a horror action movie and I am offering this screenplay to producers and studios that would be interested in making this into a movie or streaming channel tv project. Doctor Leviathan is a character that is half HP Lovecraft monster and half Doctor strange. What makes him different from other comic book action characters is that he is scary to the viewer and draws them into the movie like a horror roller coaster that the viewer would love to ride. This is a horror action hero where some people see him as a monster and others as a savior as he tries to protect mankind from the evil that exist in this dystopian future. This screenplay could be a feature film or a pilot movie for 9 to 10 episodes for a tv series. I am sure Netflix , HBO , Youtube , Paramount, Disney and other streaming channels would be interested in checking this screenplay out, especially with the success of the show Sandman on netflix or the show The Boys on amazon or even the show stranger things on netflix. There are many movie studios looking at graphic novels for their new material and I know that this screenplay of my graphic novel Doctor leviathan is movie many of the studios would be interested in.

Contact Jim Banks creator and writer - 1-317-603-7410

Website - Leviathancomics.com
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