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The Disciple A.D. 50 (Logline & Synopsis)
By: David Toy © Copyright
(407) 929-3272 DavidLToy@protonmail.com

LOGLINE: The story, a mix of facts and fiction, follows an unnamed disciple 17 years after the crucifixion through dangerous, exciting and uplifting adventures on the high seas.

SYNOPSIS: Several merchant ships and Roman Warships are moored in an Egyptian harbor. Aboard the Ponto are the unknown DISCIPLE, the Greek Captain, LYKOS, CATO, a triplicarius (sergeant) in the Roman Army, MEIR, a Jewish merchant and OGBAY, Meir’s freed Ethiopian former slave.
Second day, the convoy is hit by a storm, the Ponto sinks. Lykos and Cato are floating on the cabin roof; the Disciple and Ogbay cling to the sheered off mast; they are out of sight of one another.
Disciple frees Ogbay from tangled rigging; introduces him to Jesus. Cato and Lykos banter over religion, catch a fish, fear a shark swimming around them. The following day they meet, all board the floating roof/raft and attach the mast as a stabilizing pontoon.
The Pharaoh, another merchant ship, lost her captain during the storm. ZAKLINA, a devious sailor backed by PAAVO, his massive but mentally challenged friend, cons the crew to make him acting captain. There is a contingent of Roman soldiers onboard.
The roof/raft approach the hull of an overturned Roman warship. Meir is on the hull. Ogbay dives into the water holding a line in his teeth and is nearly eaten by a shark but makes it and attaches the line.
Zaklina convinces Paavo to throw the Roman triplicarius overboard by assuring him the Roman god of the sea will save him. The sailors murder all the soldiers as they sleep. They plan to sell the cargo. Paavo is crushed when he hears Zaklina telling a coconspirator that he is a stupid oaf and only good as an enforcer.
The five on the hull obtain food, water, wine, tools and add a sail to their raft. Using the body of a dead galley slave, they fish for a shark, spear a mako that leaps up to attack them. They kill it, eat some and dry the rest. The Disciple converts
Ogbay, whose faith is now unshakable, and works subtlety on evangelizing the rest.
Cato, Lykos and Meir become converts. Fearing the warship is sinking, they head out in the raft and soon encounter the Pharaoh and are taken aboard. Lykos assumes command; Ogbay converts and baptizes Paavo.
The five, now all Christians, suspect the sailors of murdering the Roman soldiers and take weapons from the armory. Zaklina realizes the danger and prepares to murder the five. When a Roman warship is spotted on the horizon, both sides know it is time to act.
Zaklina attacks the Disciple. Paavo grabs Zaklina, shouts that the Egyptian sea goddess will save him and hurls him overboard.
The crew kills Paavo and approach the bridge where the Disciple, Cato and Lykos stand, armed and ready. Cato warns of his swordsmanship and points to the mast. Ogbay is atop the mast holding a skin of oil and a lit torch, prepared to set the sail on fire.
Cato gives his word as a Roman soldier, then as a Christian that he will see to it they are not crucified but sold as slaves if they surrender. As The warship draws, near the sailors surrender.
The five sit on the deck talking; Meir, Ogbay, Lykos and Cato all admit to having been afraid, of doubting their faith in God and praise the Disciple for not losing his.
The Disciple admits to being Thomas, the one who doubted Jesus till he put his finger in the nail holes in His hands. Thomas assures them that God understands and forgives. They all agree; God is all powerful and a God of Love.