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POLITICAL SCI-FI SCREENPLAY - George Orwell wold approve

“LEND A HAND” – By: David toy - Log Line & Synopsis
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LOG LINE: The New World Order mandates all aspects of life, domicile, transportation, occupation, currency and pronouns. RAY and JANET LOGAN, whose character development and dialogue is excellent, publish an online newspaper; Janet writes an article offending the government, is forbidden to work, and then denied medical treatment and dies; Ray seeks revenge.

SYNOPSIS: ALANA, a Chihuahua RAY LOGAN anthropomorphizes and speaks for, having conversations with himself, introduces the movie, shows medallions identifying personal pronouns and states: they are for sale in the lobby.
The New World has taken over. Ray and his wife, JANET, live in a large canal front home in Naples, FL; they publish an online newspaper.
Janet gives Ray a gold bracelet for his birthday, admired by their staff, MIA DELGADO, JAMES LEWIS and FARRAH FENG, who is gender fluid. They discuss rumors of currency being abolished in favor of digital credits.
Out on LIBERATOR, their boat, they learn that medallions indicating preference in pronouns must be worn by everyone. They dive overboard, presumably to make love in the water.
Ray and Janet receive notice that all gas-powered vehicles must be turned in; they comply, turn in two luxury cars and their boat and are given a small, electric, self-driving car named SARAH.
Ray and Janet are notified that all currency will become invalid and, to use digital government credits, everyone must have a chip implanted in their hand. They reluctantly comply. Janet writes an editorial about moral issues connected with chip implants, has her bank account frozen and is forbidden to publish for 30 days.
A man from the Relocation Department comes and tells Ray and Janet that their home is being confiscated. They are moved to a small, one-bedroom government apartment in Orlando, FL; their staff is moved there as well.
Janet is contacted by SUSAN, an old college friend who works at a chemical plant in Saint Louis, informing her that their water supply contains chemicals greatly reducing sperm count in men. Janet sends her a sample of Orlando water and discovers it contains the same chemicals. Janet writes an article detailing what is in the local water. Janet receives notice from the Truth Validation Department that her publishing privileges are revoked and her bank account is frozen.
Janet is ill. They go to see DR. BOLLMAN and learn her kidneys are failing. The government rules that, because of her age, she is not eligible for a transplant and, due to her subversive article, she can no longer be employed and is not eligible to receive dialysis. Her condition worsens. Ray calls the hospital administrator, KURT WALTERS, who won’t talk to him.
Janet brings ALANA, a chihuahua, home telling Ray she wants him to have someone to love him almost as much as she does after she’s gone.
Ray wakes up, kisses Janet and discovers she is dead. Janet is cremated and Ray sprinkles her ashes in Lake Eola, a spot she loved.
ONE YEAR LATER: Ray is at his desk; Alana on his lap. He anthropomorphizes Alana and speaks for her, really talking to himself.
The charger has not charged Sarah and his implant is refused at a liquor store. He checks and discovers his account has been frozen and his thermostat set to 82 degrees for 30 days for using the name “Big Brother” on his podcast. Mia and John each bring food; Farrah is out of town.
Ray goes to the LONGWOOD LOUNGE, makes a deal with the bartender, PRECIOUS, an Asian drag queen, to run a tab for him and becomes a regular customer. On one visit, Ray meets SONNY, tries to lure him into a dart game, ends up allowing Sonny to wear his bracelet in return for Sonny buying groceries, booze and keeping Sarah charged for 5 weeks. Sonny meets Ray at a charging driving MADONNA, a red sports car.
The next Saturday, Sonny does not show up at the lounge as agreed. Precious tells Ray Sonny works at the hospital. Ray goes to the hospital employee parking garage and finds Madonna. The name over the parking slip is Kurt Walters.
Ray locates Kurt’s office and finds the connecting one is vacant. After planning with Alana, Ray explores the hospital basement and takes supplies to the adjoining office.
Ray enters Kurt’s office, strikes his head with a sock with lead in the toe, drags him into the adjoining office, puts a sheet over his face, sits on it, —and farts. Dressed in scrubs and wearing his bracelet, he puts the body on a gurney, takes it to the basement, cuts off Kurt’s hand, takes his ring and cremates him. He puts the ashes in a washing machine and turns it on.
Ray takes Kurt’s hand shopping then removes the chip, smashes it and puts hand and chip in a weighted bag. He goes to Lake Eola and tosses out the bag. Then, as the present he’d promised Janet, he hurls the diamond ring far out int