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30 minute screenplay, 1 Christian - 1 Muslim - 1 bomb

A 26 Page (30-Minute) Screenplay by: David Toy Copyright © 2007 ©
Email: rite4writers23@aol.com

LOG LINE: In the very low budget film, a Christian movie theater manager, whose wife and son are in the theater, discovers a terrorist wearing a bomb belt in the men’s room planning to set it off in the theater and each tries to bring the other around to their way of thinking.

SYNOPSIS: BING, a middle aged lady, and MARK, her teenage son are in their car preparing to go see a movie in a theater managed by DAVID, their husband and father.
Mark calls David who answers in his car, tells them he will be at the theater soon and tosses his phone on the car seat.
David arrives at the theater and enters a storage room inside the men’s restroom.
AHMAD, enters the men’s room carrying a briefcase, checks under the stalls and places an empty soda can in front of the door. He enters a stall, straps on a bomb-belt and kneels to pray.
David emerges from the storage room, hears the prayer, looks over the stall and calls out. Ahmad hurries out and moves toward the exit door; David pushes him back and recognizes him as an employee.
David reaches for his phone and remembers leaving it in his car. The two debate religious beliefs and right and wrong. Ahmad wants David to get his family out and leave; David wants Ahmad to disarm the bomb and surrender.
A MAN comes into the men’s room, knocking over the soda can, and goes into a stall. He emerges stating he did not flush as the aroma might be a turn-on for the “Ladies” and leaves.
Ahmad is furious that the man assumed they were gay and states that all gay people must be killed.
He explains that, since the theater is owned by a Muslin, he will shout a pro-Israel statement before detonating the bomb and everyone will blame the Jews.
They go back to arguing religion. By way of explaining that sinners are allowed in Heaven unless they are covered by the shed blood of Jesus, he has Ahmad look into the unflushed toilet and asks if he would like to have that in his room. Ahmad is repulsed.
David prays the sinner’s prayer, flushes the toilet and has Ahmad look again, explaining that is how accepting Jesus as your savior will wash your sins away and allow you to enter Heaven.
Ahmad is impressed but, not convinced; he is determined to complete his mission and blow up the theater full of people, if it means killing David with his knife first.
David assures him that, even if is he is successful in killing him, he will pull a handful of wires out of the bomb and set it off. They agree that they are at an impasse.
Ahmad begins to lunge with his knife as David begins to throw a punch. FREEZE FRAME with them in those positions.
Softly, drums begin playing a bolero and the screen fades to red. The drumming gets louder and a voice begins singing the Star Spangled Banner. A second voice begins chanting the Muslim call to worship.
As the first voice sings: “By the rockets red glare, —the bomb!”
There is a loud explosion, the screen goes black with “The Bomb” in red letters in the center.