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Script: Genre, Western, titled, Tejano Diablo / 'Texan Devil'

Too whom it may concern,

I have a screen adaptation ready, based on the iconic character known as the 'Man with no Name'. It's based on my short novel published by Outlaw publishing on Amazon's kindle in 2018.

The story is 100 % original. It begins with, Cullen Purdy, a boy of 12 who is suddenly orphaned when horse thieves kill his parents. His father dies in his arms then wonders off alone into an unforgiving, West Texas, not knowing his fate. Soon he's found by a party of passing vaqueros. Feeling sympathy over his plight the leader takes him back to Mexico. There, he raised as a son and for the next eight years he's taught the ways of a vaquero. Also, how to use a gun. He meets a young lady, named, Maria. Shes' the 18year, old daughter of Juan Jose Navarra. The one who rescued Cullen in his darkest moment. All this time, the boy has become a young man of 21 but has never revealed his true identity to anyone. He feared, if he did, those who killed his parents could come looking for him. That would be, Joe Kendle and his gang. They were self-appointed law men who are just a band of cutthroat killers.

Logline: A orphaned boy from Texas seeks revenge after his parent are murdered by cutthroat horse thieves.

During Cullen's years in Mexico, he fought alongside his adopted father to free Mexico from French influence. With his fast gun, Cullen makes a reputation as a feared blue-eyed, Americano with a quick pislola. Then, one day, he tells Juan Navarra that he must leave. A question arises as to the reason. He just says, I have to settle a score. Juan tries to, change his mind, but to no avail. Moments before he leaves, Maria goes to him, she has more than a fond interest in his American. She pleads to him, to take her along on his ride of vengeance. He refuses as he rides off toward, the boarder and the Rio Grande. Unbeknown to him, Maria has followed him. He tried arguing that she must return, he finally gives up.
Together they continue on. Later they encounter a freed slave named, George Hall who Cullen rescued from an abusive businessman. Now the three are a team.

Eventually they locate Joe Kandle and his men in the Indian territory. In a blaze of gunfire, Cullen takes out his vengeance, with the help of his companions. Joe Kandle, himself is blown to bits when a bridge he's on explodes after it was rigged earlier by Cullen. Thus begins the legacy, of the man who kept his Identity a secret, except to one, and Maria swore to take it to her grave.

Now, a brief note about this script. It was originally accepted by WGA agent, Terry Porter. Mister Porter had been in contact with a man in Los Angeles who will remain nameless, but he was an acquisition editor. It is believed, Terry Ported was setting up a sale when he suffered a fatal heart attack. This according to his wife, Claire who emailed me the tragic news. So, the script was never sold and is waiting for a buyer.
The script was a collaboration effort between me and a WGA script writer who will remain nameless at this point.
Terry Porter said Tejano Diablo is a great script. It is very likely I may have been Terry Porter last client.

Tejano Diablo is based on the first book of a trilogy series. Scripts for the two other books are pending.
I have emails that will verify all I've mentioned.

IF interested please contact me.

H. Nary