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A little old man who walks the neighborhood to strike up
conversation with the neighbors to find out all about them in
order to get information to feed his team so they can work on
their personal problems and at the same time taking on people
who wander into the neighborhood that are bad in nature, the
I think there is a market for good clean fun with a touch of
drama. Something of a magical spiritual nature with a twist.
Slowly exciting and watchable. Based on true characters and a
neighborhood full of people with personal problems that need
tending to. I introduce WT (Walkie-Talkie) and his team of
magical super agents. Let’s fix this neighborhood of ColourVyle.
Story Summary
Filled with unique situations and instances dug up by WT through
his mind bending conversations with the people of ColourVyle.
They’re masters of putting the rude and obnoxious in their place
and at the same time helping the oppressed, sick and poor get a
leg up in life.
Two of the main characters are actual people in my neighborhood.
Honest to goodness real-life people, I based this on them.
Walkie-Talkie and The Cryer are two older men that actually live
and breathe/exist. The tone of the show is, there is a genuinely
nice old busy body of which no one knows much about other than a
pass-by during walks through their neighborhood. An older
gentleman that loves to talk and talk and talk. Turns out WT is
someone sent by an unknown powerful force. Someone with a way to
get you to open up to his lock-tight memory. He may be magical
but he’s also pretty darn strange. He draws you in and knows
everything about you through his investigative interrogations
and conversations. All for good reason.