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A story of family secrets and the power of love
We all have secrets in our lives. Shame can create secrets. Secrets can hurt children. Especially family secrets. Sometimes it manifests when we are young, but many times the hurt strikes when we are older—when the truth means more. For Jamie, she has never known the truth of her Father. Now she is 25 and successful on the outside, but inside is suffering. No matter what, her mother refuses to tell her the truth. Jamie will have to find out on her own.

Short adapted into Feature or series
influence character driven.

Studios for Development
The Academy of Motion Pictures, Shorts
Festivals: Sundance Film Festival, American Black Film Festival, Tribeca, Nantucket Film Festival, & more
SHOtime Shorts , HBO Shorts

American Honey, 2016 | 20th Century Women, 2016| Fruitvale Station, 2013| Euphoria, 2018-2022
All of these stories feature folks coming together from different backgrounds. Family and identity are at the center of them. All have a strong hero raised by a single parent. They must find their own path, navigating difficult challenges surrounding their missing fathers. All of these films and the one series had both independent and wide-release critical acclaim
Why Audiences Will Love This !
Audiences will love this because it is so relevant to the social and political landscape. Jamie finds herself at the crossroads of race, class and past. This will appeal to a cross-viewing audience because of the truth and intersectionality.