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Making Love in a Canoe -A GenZ Rom Com (micro budget)

Three lifelong friends banter as they set up camp in the remote bush. It is the same site they've been coming to for years as PhD candidate Matt is mildly autistic and comfortable there. As they reminisce about the glory days of college, they realize that life has stalled out. Directionless Will has given up and washes cars for his dad. Ambitious Jordan checks his phone for updates on his sketchy dating app he developed. Matt hides at school as a professional student.

The untimely losing of cell reception brings Ashley, a Doctorate failing miserably at her thesis on social media addiction (an addiction she confesses she has), and Candi an intelligent Sugar Baby, to the camp with the latter pairing off with Will almost immediately. Jordan and Ashley take the circuitous route of despising each other first (she got burned on his dating app, he is a chronic mansplainer). The men trick the women into staying by claiming there are bears nearby. Matt is suppressed when he tries to tell the truth that bears are not native to the area.

When Jordan and Ashley get lost in the deep woods and Jordan twists an ankle, he must swallow spit and accept Ashley's help to get home. In the meantime, Will helps Candy get out of the Sugar Baby business, and nerdy Matt macgyvers a crude amplifier for his phone that works better by the lake.

If they get out of the woods alive, Jordan agrees to re-work the dating app to make it more women-friendly. Ashley agrees to do a social media cleanse by deleting 3 apps from her phone.

Matt builds a fire and sends smoke signals that guide the lost duo home. He shows the social media addicted Ashley his amplifier and she grabs it manically, dashes to the lake for reception and falls in, providing the ultimate social media cleanse and concurrently, inspiration for her overdue thesis.

The two couples reconcile with plans for the future as they lovingly head towards their vehicles. Matt sees a bear and says nothing.