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I Think I have a real story that could make a great movie,


I have no knowledge or profession in movie stories, scripts,...., but I think I have a real story of my life that can make a good movie for the time we are in, and the things that are happening in related to, but I don't know where, how, and who to start with.

In Brief, I was raised in IRAN and joined the ARMY when I was 15 under the Shah regime in 1974. the Islamic Revolution happened in 1979 and after being in a war situation, I was arrested by Iran's Islamic regime as a political prisoner and released after 7 months. I left Iran with my family in 1980 and went to Iraq after traveling through the mountains for two days, held there in a prisoner camp for 3 and a half years because I refused to do spying for them, then we were accepted by the USA as refugees in 1984.

I became homesick in 1993 and went back to Iran where they arrested me and held me in prison (cell) with closed eyes in different jails with different torture methods for about 2 years. After being released with a large bail, I escaped through the mountains again into Turkey and back to the US in 1995.

Note; each segment of the above story has so much detailed happenings. I believe with all of the things that are happening in IRAN right now, my situation could very well be at the right timing.

As a reader, please let me know your input if you are involved, if not, as a big favor, please pass it to someone who you think would be interested in using my story.

In advance, I thank you for any help in this regard.

best Regards,