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Logline for Tv pilot Displaced Diamonds

A group of welfare children who have found each other after years of displacement, led by their boss, are looking for diamonds stolen from the museum by a smuggling mafia group.

Eric, who has been released from prison after many years, meets two of his friends (Tom and Kate) by chance. That night, while watching TV and hearing the news, he finds out that the mafia group that stole very, very valuable diamonds from the museum. They were placed in the bodies of a number of disabled people and removed from the museum to be removed from their bodies at the opportunity.
Eric soon goes to his mother who is in the hospital and pretends to be mentally ill in order to file a case.
The next day, with the help of his friends, he escapes from the hospital and enters

the same prison where the robbers are imprisoned with the help of his friends. Eric had met one of them before his release and was suspicious of the person who had an artificial eye.
Eric enters the prison and gets a confession from the prisoner who has artificial eyes and realizes that the robbery was their work.
The next day, Tom takes Eric's psychiatric case to the police department and frees Eric to search for stray diamonds in the bodies of fugitive invalids.