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A road trip to rehab becomes a nightmare when Brianna discovers her father Noel's true destination: a suicide clinic.

This story explores the relationship of a father and daughter at two different points of their addiction. In contrast, the father battles with the indecision to take his own life after getting to know the beautiful person that is his daughter till a bad situation forces him to make that decision despite having changed his mind.

87-page Feature. Dramedy/Drama

Low-budget indie/ Non-union

The screenplay is available for option. I am looking to DP or Direct, if possible(but not necessary), so I'm also looking for investors and producers to help create the vision.

Re: Storge

Title: Storge
Synopsis by: Joshua Lockard
Logline: A road trip to rehab becomes a nightmare after Brianna discovers her father Noel's true destination; a suicide clinic.

Amid the daily grind of work life, NOEL, a mid forty's male with thinning hair and a thin build, sits in his cubical battling withdrawal. Finally, unable to maintain further, Noel reaches for a stashed liquor bottle. In front of everyone in the office, Noel begins to chug the liquor bottle. At an ivy league college, BRIANNA, a twenty-something-year-old woman, quickly makes her way to the library. Brianna talks on the phone to her mom LAUREN (Noel's ex-wife), who reminds Brianna to take her meds. Brianna reluctantly takes her meds before she enters the library with what appears to be water, followed by a peppermint; Brianna becomes dizzy and passes out.

Noel wakes up battered and bruised with a swollen eye shut in the hospital beside Brianna, Lauren by her side. The tension between Noel and Brianna is thick; Lauren begs them to get help, but they both refuse. Noel sits in his single-studio apartment, drinking liquor before his laptop; a commercial for a suicide clinic plays. Brianna sits on her bed at her mom's house, searching for treatment centers and ways to go cold turkey; Brianna flushes her secret stash of pills and liquor. The next day, Noel surprises Lauren and Brianna at their house to pitch the cross-country trip to a rehab; Lauren forces Brianna to go with Noel or lose funding for the school. The journey starts tense and quiet. While stopped for dinner, Brianna rushes from the restaurant when all the noise becomes too much. Brianna begins to soften on Noel after Brianna discovers Noel used to help her with her childhood episodes.

Noel secretly tries to indulge in booze and drugs like Hunter S. Thompson, but Brianna finds them and tosses them into an oncoming semi-truck. Noel offers Brianna a drink, but she refuses; Brianna Informs Noel that they're not drinking buddies while reiterating her want to get sober, but she surrenders after Noel begs. Now bonded through their vices, Noel surprises Brianna with a bag of shrooms and a fair where their bond strengthens. With only a few hours left to their destination, Brianna answers Noel's phone; Brianna discovers the reservation at the suicide clinic. Noel insists he wasn't going through with it after what they'd shared, but their new bond is now broken.

At their last stop, Noel goes to the bar without Brianna; Brianna surprises Noel when she walks into the bar; she dances with her new friends and LEX. Lex invites Brianna outside to smoke a joint, but Lex becomes handsy even after Brianna tells him she's lesbian; Brianna tries to run. Lex grabs Brianna; he tries to rape Brianna till Noel comes up from behind and hits Lex with a baseball bat. Noel and Brianna attempt to escape, but Lex gets up; Lex attacks Noel. Brianna saves Noel with the baseball bat; Noel stops Brianna from killing Lex. Noel speeds away till a police officer pulls them over; Noel takes responsibility for what Brianna did. Noel decides to go with the suicide clinic because he fears prison more. With Brianna by his side, Noel passes away. Brianna carries her father's urn to the car; she strips it into the passenger seat. Flash-forward, Brianna, is a doctor working at "The Final Spot."

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