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Logline: Code Day Zero

TITLE: Code Day Zero

PAGES: 100

COPYRIGHT: Library of Congress, WGA registered.

LOGLINE: With nuclear war approaching, USS Constitution is ordered to escape and return and inspire a post-apocalyptic world.

CONDENSED SYNOPSIS: Before sailing the frigate's sailing master is transported to the early 19th century, into the intrigues leading to the War of 1812. There he realizes he must do nothing to change the future, but he is forced to. He survives battles at sea, captivity by Barbary pirates, marooning and discovers renewed patriotism, romance and -- most of all -- himself. He returns to the 21st century in time to sail Old Ironsides on an improbable mission to sink a Chinese submarine and thwart the launch of a nuclear holocaust.

CODE DAY ZERO is adapted from my historical fiction/action/adventure novel, Code Day Zero: USS Constitution's Escape from Armageddon. All my titles are at: amazon.com/author/alanables.

I operated for years in U.S. confidential service around the globe. As a as journalist and public relations adviser/speech writer. I have written for the Associated Press and consulted for LIFE Magazine. Some of my work is included in the prestigious professional journal, Vital Speeches of the Day.

Still looking for a script sale. I have more.