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The Iteration - 8 Part TV Series

Logline of the TV Series.
In the near future, the richest man on the planet steals a poor man’s lover, then traps him in an interactive VR Show, with unforeseen consequences for the entire world.

Episodes 1-5 are written.
Episodes 6-8 are in outline form.

Synopsis - Episode 1. SHUT-IN

SMOG blankets the world. But when Jake climbs to the roof, it is the first blue sky day since the UN declared a global climate emergency two years before. He flashes back to a grand scheme to avert it, which failed, and who benefited.

WHEN AN ENFORCEMENT DRONE appears, he retreats to his 23nd floor apartment directly below. There, his partner, Carrie, reminds him of the penalties for breaking curfew – for him, the camps, for her, loss of guest status in the city. He is lucky to have temp design work on the new underground ‘subs’ for the homeless – unlike many of his pals, who now subsist on benefits, like the majority of the population. She’s on edge, expecting a call from a mystery new therapy patient.

AFTER finishing his day’s VR work for FakeReal on their ‘Subs’ project, Jake recalls discussing with his father, a retired cop, Carrie’s regular nightmares, and a box she hides, which might be Russian. Realizing he knows no more about her than when she moved in, (the day the emergency was declared), he regrets turning down his late father’s offer to have her New Zealand background checked out.

FROM THE START of their relationship Carrie has had Jake on a dietary regime. Out of ideas for the low-carb meal he must cook as a forfeit for climbing to the roof he consults the fridge penguin AI. The world has changed – now devices are personalised with 3D black-light imaging, and AI-connected on the FakeReal (which has replaced the internet) into which the shut-in masses escape in immersive ‘Verities’, or virtual worlds.

ONLY Harry, the semi-sentient hoover, is not connected on the FakeReal. He is fiercely loyal to Jake, and appears whenever dust falls from the growing crack in the hall ceiling.

JAKE IS ‘OUT’ at his virtual pub when Carrie’s client calls from his portable palace, presently in the Ecuadorian rainforest. He’s Fatberg, the CEO of FakeReal, Jake’s distant employer, and the richest man in the world.

THEY DISCUSS TERMS for the therapy, while he secretly surveils her body biometrics. He admits to having had her investigated, then questions her confidentiality – no, not hers, her partner’s. Furious, she ends the session, abruptly.

JAKE ‘RETURNS’ from the pub to find Carrie unusually turned on. Afterwards, concealed from the devices under bed covers, she whispers that her new client is Fatberg.

FEELING BELITTLED, Jake broods as Carrie falls asleep.

IN HIS PALACE, Fatberg studies surveillance of Carrie and Jake. He recalls a critical incident on his first day at school, which ultimately propelled him on his road to riches. Still resentful, he vows to get even with Carrie. Then (most unusually) he decides to take a walk, and kits up in protective jungle gear.

IN BED, Jake remembers a visit to his friend Griff’s workshop, before the ‘shut-in’. There, he saw a VR headset modified with forbidden It-tech, capable of creating an ‘Iteration’.

CARRIE WAKES from her reoccurring nightmare, which she can never tell anyone about.
IN THE HALL, the crack in the ceiling gets longer. Harry scoots out and vacuums up the dust.
- End of Episode 1 -