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Making Love in a Canoe

Lost cell reception, lost camping, 5 directionless GenZ's look for love. An injury propels them to figure out how to get out of the woods and what to do about their listless careers, social media addiction, and love lives.

Three lifelong friends banter as they set up camp in the remote bush. It is the same site they've been coming to for years as PhD candidate Matt is mildly autistic and comfortable there. As they reminisce about the glory days of college, they realize that life has stalled out.

Re: Making Love in a Canoe

This actually caught my attention. Sounds good but what is the genre?

my big adventure

`My Big Adventure` by Peter Rodney Sumpter
In the first person.
A lesson at school told of the old English words describing surfing in 1779 by Captain James Cook. From here, I won the Britain’s biggest surf Cribbar in Cornwall to be crowned a big wave rider.
Armed with surfboard and 16mm Bolex camera I made films and Prince Charles took lessons from me, and my life story went into pioneering 13 countries filming, giving exhibitions growing the sport on TV making the ` old spice surfing ads ` and hosting the ` Pax film festival in France.
It was in Cornwall that I met and filmed John Lennon at the ancient building called ` the Hueys hut` a place overlooking the surf to check the waves each morning.
I am the winner of 77 trophies from 1952 to present day and the Guinness Book of Records and author of 5 surfing books.
Blessed spiritually as a 10 pound pomme after the war, in 1956 the world of surf lifesaving became astonished as the Hawaiian showed what Captain Cook has seen.
I `ve just made a 2 hour 16mm film on the unique insight into surfing, how it became a world`s most desirable past time. It is in 4K and HD video,which I can show you with a link to `private share" on youtube.
This will show what i want to do, and I would love to have your expertise to make it from champions, the story thread has never been done and why ` style` is the thing that really matters.
Peter Rodney Sumpter

Re: Making Love in a Canoe

My apologies for the late reply. Making Love is a comedy-romance.