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Space is full of starts but not much longer. It is here.

A.R. Beyond Reality

Alex Rogers is dreaming that stars are disappearing. The Void, which exists to eliminate everything in a reality, has come to this reality. Alex unknowingly has embedded within his DNA a being that can exist in deep space and is designed to do battle with the Void using weapons left in each reality for this purpose: black holes, the energy from every sun, and exploding supernovas. He soon discovers twin sisters on Earth that also have altered DNA: one can absorb unlimited amounts of energy, and the other can harness and direct that energy.

Together, with a 30,000-mile-long ship used to populate every reality with everything needed for each to start evolving, they must find a way to stop something that has existed since before time began.

Their battle will take them to other realities and eventually outside all realities to meet the being that directed the population of all realities and the one who accidentally created the Void. That being must complete their training for a final battle with the Void.

Re: Space is full of starts but not much longer. It is here.

full of starts? wow.

Re: Space is full of starts but not much longer. It is here.

That is what I get for being autistic & trying to do something on my own. Since I am unable to determine how to either edit (or preferably) delete the logline, looks like it is stuck here.

However, I'd very much like to know if anyone can tell me if the storyline is worth doing anything with.

I wrote this story in three weeks without any plan or ideas. I had an idea why people see ghosts and started typing, not knowing what was in the sentence until I started typing. Then this autistic mind of mine would create the line as I typed it. I had no idea what was going to happen, who was in it, or how it would end.

I ended up with a story about how alternate realities were created, what is out there eliminating them, and what happens after all realities (including ours) end.

Here are two (of many) questions it answers: Why are we here? and Where do original thoughts and ideas come from? Next time any of you are with friends, ask them those questions & see what they say...