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Made for a television series. About a flamboyant brash quite a character a person who played baseball in the late part of the 19th century for the Chicago White Stockings. Mike King Kelly had a Japanese valet a suite at the Chicago Palmer House and popualr with the ladies. When he wasn't playing baseball he tended bar at a local saloon. He went on staged and performed vaudville. Keeping him sober was the hardest part. The Chicago ball club had the highest attendance then all the other clubs because they came to see King Kelly play drunk or sober he was fun to watch. He revolutionized the skill of base stealing and coined the King of base stealing. They wrote a song about it"Slide Kelly Slide" King Kelly did it all even if you had to cheat to win. All the things he did to make money for Albert Spaudling's ball club he was also alot of trouble. Cap Anson the player manager of the club major task was to find him and get him sober and ready for the next day's game. Cap Anson's biggest fear was to find him in a alley beat up dead or in jail. A great sotry if you like early baseball history.