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First Drop of Rain - screenplay

First Drop of Rain is a historical fiction, based on the true story of Frances Burney, a revolutionary author in 18th century England. First Drop of Rain tells the story of Frances’ journey into society, her struggle to find out who she is, who she loves, and to fulfill her aspirations of authoring her novel, Evelina. Evelina became exceedingly popular, making her one of the first widely respected female writers in England. Women and young girls everywhere will identify on a personal level with Frances’ path as she explores the world, falls headfirst into romance, and with the courage she shows in following her dreams and standing up to a culture in which women are merely ornamentation. It tells the story of all those held captive to social standards set for them.

Frances Burney wants to be a writer, but in 1777 women’s writing is treated with contempt. She is instead tutored in the “womanly art” of correspondence by Hugh Lowe, with whom she strikes up a close friendship. Despite the disapproval of her father and of society, Frances secretly begins authoring her novel Evelina. Frances also begins her entrance into society, an occasion marked by her introduction to Miles Hazelton, the opera tenor, who quickly becomes her suitor. Frances sends her book to Lowe and Son Publishers Anonymously, and when Hugh reads the manuscript, he is immediately hooked. Meanwhile, Frances begins to realize that while Miles is perfect on paper, his dismissal of her talents proves him unequal to the standards of romance Frances championed through Evelina. Hugh and Frances’ father discover she is the writer of Evelina and help her to edit it and get it published. But the chance of it being written by a literary lady may stop the presses before they ever begin. When Hugh finally chooses to take the risk of publishing Evelina himself, despite the author being anonymous, the groundbreaking novel is met with wild acclaim. Wanting to reveal to London the truth behind Evelina, Frances tells Miles that she is the author. Unable to support her, he demands she tell no one, so Frances breaks off their engagement. Hugh finally confesses his love for Frances, and Frances continues to author more novels with Hugh as her editor. Frances’ novel was a decisive first step toward women being able to publish their stories freely.

Female-centered historical dramas are huge viewers. The fact that it is a true story that hasn’t been told before adds to its appeal. The story’s themes of finding one’s voice, and the ideal partner will resonate with a broad audience. While women today do not need to hide the fact that they are writers, there are still plenty of social pressures and continuous inequalities. First Drop of Rain is a family friendly story that will appeal through all ages and genders, with a particular emphasis on girls and young women.

The beauty, strength, and hope in Frances’ story has brought the script success already. It received the Gold Award at the Women’s International Film Festival and was Best Drama Screenplay at the Best Script Awards in London.

Please check out the video teaser on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bpwglv5T4fo