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Sci-fi Fantasy: E2 Project Mayflower

Title: E2 Project Mayflower

Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy

Logline: Peruvian Archaeologist joins space mission to another planet and takes on an evil ruler. Think, young attractive Indiana Jones on a distant planet.

Pitch: First entry of a two-film or trilogy series. A Peruvian archaeologist is recruited to join a mission to a distant planet. The planet is a tropical place with topography and architecture similar to that of ancient Peru but with a much more advanced civilization. Upon arrival on the planet and interacting with the inhabitants, she discovers similarities to her Incan culture and a possible link to alien visits in the past. She faces an evil Governor who sees the advanced technology as an opportunity to vanquish his enemies and return to Earth.

If this has piqued your interest, I would be more than happy to send a copy of this feature-length screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted in any way I have provided at your earliest convenience.

Yours Creatively,
Kenneth D. Eason