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"Holy Matrimony/dead end"

"Holy Matrimony/dead end"

Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychopathy,
47 pages script /54 minutes(video pilot)
Main Theme

LOGLINE: Can we play chess with our destiny? A man hires a private investigator suspecting that his wife is trying to kill him, only for the private investigator to work without knowledge of his unfaithful wife

SYNOPSIS: "Holy Matrimony/dead end" is a psychological thriller that focuses on the corrupt relationship between two married couples. After being injured in a hit-and-run accident, James hires a private investigator, William to help uncover the truth after suspecting his wife Rita is trying to kill him. The story thickens as Israel continued with the investigations without knowing his wife Emily is unfaithful Despite being a well-kept and experience ex-police, Israel has been mentally abusing his wife. While strolling through a public garden, Emily meets an endearing young man, Charlie, and they soon start an affair. Margo takes secretly takes their photos together, believing that they were up to no good. In the meantime, Israel discovers that Rita was meeting Zadok, the man who hit her husband with the car while Margo starts to blackmail Emily with the photos.The events that follow only reveal that this was a huge plot. Charlie is a crook who forms relations with women to steal their money secretly and is plotting with Margo to get Emily’s ring and jewels. Soon, Emily turns into a wreck and becomes addicted to tranquilizers. On the other hand, William succeeds in solving the case after catching Zadok and Rita red-handed trying to kill the husband with a gun. While setting up a celebration for the success of the case, William receives a message that his wife has committed suicide, leaving behind a creepy and scary recording
In addition to an interesting plot twist, Holy Matrimony is a shocking story with a gloomy atmosphere. You are taken through the life story of two married couples trying to find solutions to their problems, only for fate to define their destiny.

The pilot video will allow you to test the script and its possibilities

Note : the script is 47 pages (I also own a pilot video that is based
The script and video pilot can be used as the first episode of a television series based on a confused and deranged private investigator after his wife's suicide 15 years ago with his two strange and corrupt children who work with him. And all of them together investigate strange or criminal events in each episode.

I am a disabled author/screenwriterI'm now retired but still write..

Itzhak Begerano- kim72816@gmail.com