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"Lockout" (single location thriller)

LOGLINE: A punk band reunites to record an album, but as old tensions rise the reunion descends into nightmare.

The Doldrums, a once-promising punk band, face a dark reunion. Led by enigmatic frontman Fletcher, they aim to revive their music career by re-recording their first album with the support of a major label. Guitarist Dez, struggling with his own home life, holds onto a grudge for Fletcher’s past erratic behavior. They attempt to bury simmering tensions beneath a cacophony of punk rock sound. As they confront their past and attempt to record, a mysterious figure, Joni James, disrupts their world with unconventional methods. In a whirlwind of conflict and nostalgia, the band battle their personal demons. A fragile sense of camaraderie amongst them keeps the spirit alive, despite their differences.

Tensions reach a boiling point as secrets surface. Fletcher's hidden struggle with alcoholism threatens the band, bassist Leigh carries on a secret affair with Joni, and Dez battles haunting visions of a turbulent future for his wife and child. In a desperate attempt to revive their creativity, Fletcher doses everyone with LSD and locks them inside, swallowing the key, leading to a violent confrontation. As the band descends into chaos and madness, relationships unravel, secrets are exposed, culminating in a fight for survival where not everyone will survive.

(Full script and pitch deck available)