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Logline: “Wyatt’s Class”. American vows to rescue students taken hostage in Somalia.

“Wyatt’s Class”. WGA 4695167 (130 Pages)
Beaten and raped by Somali rebels Karen, a 30 something African American international aid worker
vows to do anything she must too rescue her kidnapped students from the Islamist rebel forces of
General Cabaas. Karen, a strikingly beautiful and athletic African-American woman with fashionably braided long hair, vows
to rescue her kidnapped students. To free the children, Karen must first battle pirates, sand storms, the
rebels and Rick a lanky, grey-haired 60 something African American ex-patriot struggling with a shadowy
past. Rick is the skipper of a battered coastal freighter and Karen’s only hope to reach her kids and free
them from the rebels.