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Reflected (Animated Fantasy)

Title: Reflected: A Modern Fairy Tale

Writer: Jayden Jean-Baptiste

Category: Feature Film

Logline: A boy and girl discover a magical, but dangerous, world of fairies hidden within a mirror.

Synopsis: When siblings David and Janet rescue a drowning young boy named Sam one night, they discover that he is a mirror fairy, a magical being that lives within a mirror and has a living reflection. Sam, the owner of the mirror that acts as the gateway between the two worlds, has found that his powers have begun fading for mysterious reasons. The siblings make a deal with Sam to help him regain his powers in exchange for him taking them to the fairy world. However, the seemingly innocent adventure takes a darker turn as beings from the fairy world begin to threaten their home.

Samples: First ten pages of screenplay and digital artwork, including poster and character designs.

If interested in more details, contact me via my email.