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Guardian Order

Imagine a world where demons escape centuries imprisonment, victimize and feed on human blood to satiate their centuries blood thirst. Only heroes born with angelic gifts known as the Guardians can fight for the human race, destroy and send back demons to hell.

Guardian Order is a supernatural fantasy horror.It tells a story of a teenage girl Sophia born in this earthly realm with unique supernatural powers and an angelic gifts.Ignorant of the gift she possesses,a mischievous hell's prince Affiah deceives her into a love relationship,traps her powers and uses her as a key to unleash his twin Ziffiah a devious demon from centuries imprisonment. The cost of this act result in the release of numerous deadly blood sucker demons into the world. Lord Akim a wizard of First Order rallies to Sophia's rescue from the demons attack and ferries her into another century where she learns secrets which links her to the origins of her power.A new door opens a gateway through time into 2 centuries back where she masters and learns the art to fight, hunt and conquer demons like predecessors of her unique kind known as the Guardians. Sophia tries to fight,conceal her love,feelings towards Affiah when she masters her angelic gift and vows to hunt and imprison all demons she comes across in her entire life.

Supernatural, fantasy horror series.

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