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"Seven Bags", a true crime screenplay

The absolutely true story of an amazing police undercover investigation that brought down a prolific, organized crime hitman who liked to inject some humour into his murders.

The term “The Bump” is police jargon for that one moment when an undercover operator
initiates the first meeting with their target.
Their entire relationship, if there is to be a relationship, flows from this most important of
Seven Bags is the absolutely true story of a police undercover operation targeting a
prolific, organized crime “hit man”.
Although the investigation and murders described occurred in Vancouver, the city itself
is not important, as these crimes occur in all North American cities.
Hit Man, Jake Smeltzer was successfully “bumped” by police officer Roger Bennett and was drawn into a
word of seemingly big time criminal enterprise.
Jake wanted to be part of the organization and very quickly let Bennett know that he,
Jake, could kill people.
Jake liked to think of himself as having a sense of humour and told
the operator that he liked to add an element of humour to his killings.
Over a series of scenarios set up to make Jake see the organization as credible, Jake
described murders that he had committed. He felt that Roger needed to know that he was
willing to do what was necessary. His descriptions of his crimes ranged from horrific to